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3 Health Benefits of Flax Seeds

Golden Flax 4U Golden Flax Seed – The 96oz size is approximately a three-month supply for an individual.  As the seed naturally protects itself, Golden Flax Seed in the seed form will protect its valuable oil keeping it in pristine condition until you unlock it.  Our Golden Flax Seed comes in a sealed container that you can reseal for freshness. Mix it into juices, soups, on top of salads, cereal, ice cream or anything you like to eat.

It is suggested to take 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed (freshly ground) once or twice daily. Measure the seeds, not the meal and then grind them in a coffee grinder or use the grind cycle on a blender. Flaxseed should be ground directly before it is consumed to maintain the pristine quality of the omega oils.

Nutrition Facts

A  1 ounce (3 tbsp) serving of flaxseeds contains:

  • Omega-3 (ALA) 6,338mg
  • Fiber 8g
  • Protein 6g
  • Vitamin B1 31% RDA
  • Manganese 35% RDA
  • Magnesium 30% RDA
  • Phosphorus 19% RDA
  • Selenium 10% RDA
  • Also, flaxseeds contain a good amount of vitamin B6, Iron, potassium, copper and zinc.

This tiny seed provides 3 incredible benefits for your diet.


First, flax is a great source of fiber. Most Americans do not get enough fiber in their diet. Each tablespoon of flax contains about 8 grams of fiber. This helps keep the bowels regular. Because of all the fiber, be sure to start slow (say, with a half-teaspoon) and build up. Otherwise, you may experience bloating.


Second, flax is a plant source of omega-3. Once again, most Americans are short on their omega-3 fatty acids. These essential fatty acids (“essential” meaning they must be consumed because our bodies don’t make them) play an important role in the anti-inflammatory system of our body. Flax contains the shorter chain omega-3 called ALA. Thus, it is not a replacement for fish or fish oil supplements that contain DHA and EPA.


Third, flax contains lignans which reduce the risk of breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. The lignans alter the way your body metabolizes estrogens into safer forms.

As if this wasn’t enough, flax  has been shown to reduce hot flashes in menopausal women. To reap the benefits, this requires a daily dose of 2 tablespoons. And flax can normalize the menstrual cycle by supporting the second phase (the luteal phase).

Safety: Other than the bloating that may occur in a new user, flax is very safe. It’s a food that has been with us for thousands of years.

How to: Start slow and build up. Remember to grind it. (It is useful to get a coffee grinder for this purpose). Unground, the impermeable coating may make it pass right through you, and you won’t absorb any of the benefits. Add it to cooked oatmeal, to pancake batter, or to yogurt. It has a nice nutty flavor.

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