Flaxseed Lignan


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What is Lignan?

Lignans are phytonutrients found in the hull of flaxseed, whole grains, sesame seeds, and other plant sources. It takes 20 lbs of flaxseeds to get just 1 lbs of flaxseed lignan.

Studies show that lignans may support breast and prostate health as well as significantly boots immune system. Flaxseed lignan may also improve hormone balance and reduce effects of menopause for women.

Why Our Flaxseed Lignan?

Flaxseeds can contain up to 800 times more lignan than any other sources. We extract flaxseed lignan from the whole seed using 100% mechanical technique. While many companies use chemical methods for extracting lignan and risk leaving chemical residues in the product our lignan is free from any chemicals!

What doctors say?

“This incredible fiber has helped to create the most amazing changes in many of the patients in my clinical practice. Conditions like hot flashes disappearing within a few days of beginning the lignans. Prostate and breast tumors getting smaller before my eyes. Long-standing cases of mental depression lifting, and severe cases of PMS resolving within the first few weeks of taking lignans. This amazing substance has helped more of my patients than any other single agent that I have ever used”.

– Dr. Kenneth Proefrock

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